Appliance Repair Cost Guide Calgary 2023 Edition

Fixing your home appliances is often much more cost-effective than purchasing new ones. But it’s still handy to know how much an appliance repair will cost you before you contact a professional appliance repair service for help. 

Having a ballpark estimate of the costs involved will also help you avoid contractors who might try to take advantage and overcharge you. We hope that this article helps you make an informed decision when choosing an appliance repair service.

We’ve spent years offering high-quality appliance repairs in the Calgary area, so we have a strong understanding of what parts and labour for these jobs usually cost. Below, we’ll share common appliance repair costs with you so you can budget effectively for the next time something in your home needs to be repaired.

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Dishwasher Repair Cost

Dishwashers can suffer from a number of problems. They might fail to clean your dishes correctly, have trouble drying them, or let water leak onto the floor. Some people also experience problems with dishwashers that won’t start reliably.

Dishwashers that don’t clean effectively might simply be overloaded—or it could be a problem with the spray arm. Worn-out filters are also common, and a broken door gasket can be responsible for leaks.

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Refrigerator Repair Cost

Refrigerator issues normally result in one of the following problems: leaking water, poor cooling, or strange noise while the refrigerator is running. Since leaking water can create a slipping (or electrical) hazard and poor cooling will result in food spoilage, these problems need to be addressed right away.

Water often leaks from refrigerators because of drain blockages or a rupture in the tube that brings water to the icemaker. Cooling issues, on the other hand, often result from malfunctioning condenser coils or a broken evaporator fan.

Refrigerators and freezers (as well as air conditioners) use a cooling system made up of three main components: the evaporator, condenser, and compressor. Refrigerant absorbs heat from the evaporator until it becomes a gas, then travels through the compressor to the condenser to release it. Problems with any of these components can result in your refrigerator cooling poorly.


These problems can also be responsible for strange noises (usually bumping or clunking sounds)—although such sounds can also be caused by the condenser fan motor coming loose.

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Clothes Washer or Dryer Repair Costs

Most problems related to washers and dryers have to do with temperature issues, mechanical failures, and odd noises. Temperature issues are typically the result of a broken thermostat, which controls the amount of heat these machines use to wash or dry your clothes.

Worn-out shock absorbers are common culprits of strange noises that come from washers or dryers. In these cases, your machine will likely vibrate visibly during use as well. Machines that stop unexpectedly or fail to run at all normally need to have key components replaced, such as the belt (for dryers), or the door latches (since most washers and dryers have fail-safes that prevent them from running if the doors are not properly sealed).

Washers may also struggle to fill the clothes basin with enough water, or to drain it quickly enough. Problems with water volume often stem from blocked or kinked hoses, while a buildup of debris on or around the filter can be responsible for slow drainage.

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Oven or Range

Many problems relating to ovens or ranges have to do with these appliances’ abilities to regulate heat effectively. It might be difficult to control your oven or range’s temperature, for example.

The root cause of this issue often depends on the power source your appliance uses. For example, electric ovens and ranges can experience problems with their control panels and wiring, which impacts their temperature control capabilities. Electric versions may also be affected by damaged oven heating coils or stovetop elements.

However, gas ovens and ranges may be caused by misaligned burner tubes or leaking valves. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous and constitute emergencies—so be sure to call ATCO or 911 right away if you think you might be experiencing one.


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Standalone Freezer Repair Cost

  • Average cost: $300

  • Range: $200–$400

Freezers, like refrigerators, can produce strange noises as the result of their condenser coils, evaporator fans, or condenser fan motors not working correctly. However, freezers can also be prone to buildups of ice and frost, as well as water leaks, cooling problems, and unexpected power outages.

Ice and frost tend to build up in freezers when their auto-defrost feature isn’t working properly. However, they can also appear as the result of poor sealing, which allows heat to enter the body of the freezer and throw off the internal thermostat, causing the freezer to work harder than it needs to.

Frost that builds up on the defroster or on the evaporator coils can also melt, turning into water that pools on the floor near your machine. Since puddles of water can damage the floor of your home and create a slipping or electrical hazard, it’s important to monitor your freezer for them closely and shut it down if you notice leaks.

Modern freezers that experience a failure to turn on often have problems with the wiring inside. Freezers with cooling issues can be struggling with malfunctioning thermostats, or with problems related to the evaporator, condenser, or compressor.

Hiring Appliance Repair Professionals

Unless you are a qualified repair technician, it’s almost always better to call for professional help rather than to attempt a fix yourself. Trying to fix some appliances on your own can void your warranty, so it’s rarely the most cost-effective choice.

Using technicians who are bonded and insured also helps guarantee the quality of their work and ensure that you won’t be liable for incidents that take place during the process. For more details on how to have your appliances in Calgary, Okotoks, or the surrounding communities serviced by trustworthy pros, contact Appliance Service Centre now and speak with a member of our team.

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